Bedroom Without Windows: Solutions and Ideas

Windowless BedroomWindow is not only an instrument that lets the sun light inside our homes, but also a key decorative element. Often window carries the function of a focal point of the room, while curtains allow complementing the overall interior. Besides, they open the views of our gardens, what promotes relaxation. However there are cases when a bedroom has no windows at all.

Without a natural light and a striking view your bedroom will become plain and gloomy. Let’s find out what are the ways to make your windowless bedroom appear comfortable and neat.

Ideas for Windowless Bedroom

Fake Window

If you don’t have a real window, why not to create a faux one? Simply use the wooden frame and don’t forget to hang window treatments around it. Inside the frame you may place a photo with a nice scenery. Ensure to install day light bulbs into your fake window.

Fake Window


Often lighting in windowless bedroom is not good enough, so it is essential to provide good lighting. Keep in mind that general lighting might not work for a windowless bedroom, while an ambient lighting is a way to go. It could be set up into the wall panel or the ceiling, what allows creating an effect of a natural lighting. If you decide to use table and floor lamps, shades on the ceiling will help to avoid the cave-reminiscent vibe in your bedroom. An original way to boost your bedroom interior is a skylight ceiling.


Another way to enhance an interior of a windowless bedroom is painting the walls in bright light shade. Greens and blues work perfect, while gloomy shades will make your room visually smaller.


Hanging a single big mirror or an array of small mirrors on the walls will make your room appear much bigger. If possible, place a mirror opposite to the doorway. Reflective surfaces of furniture is also an effective way to enhance your room.

Mirror in Bedroom

Focal Point

In case it is impossible to install a fake window, it is necessary to find a focal point of your room. Items like a fireplace, art piece or a bold furniture piece can serve as perfect focal points.

Air Flow

Don’t underestimate a role of an air flow in your windowless room. Equip it with a ceiling fan or an air conditioner.


Potted plants are able to vivify any room and bring the outside feel into your bedroom.

Pottet Plants

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