Basics of Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen is the place where you spend a big amount of time, either during cooking or during meals. The interior of the kitchen affects how one feels, his mood and appetite. Therefore, when you’re planning your kitchen, great attention should be paid to the internal design.

Kitchen Design: Things to Consider When Remodeling Kitchen

Colors of the walls play a big role, because they are the first thing that your guests see when they walk into the room. Then, to the color of the walls, you should choose the floor, and only then – the furniture. The furniture forms the overall picture of style and comfort, because it will take the biggest amount of space. Each piece of furniture should have a place, where it will perform certain functions. But no need to buy furniture, which only fits perfectly into the overall style, you need to choose one that is also very convenient to use.

A modern kitchen is characterized by the presence of various types of equipment, which needs to be placed in a limited space. Today, there is a huge choice of household appliances and technologies that a housewife needs in a kitchen. The same is with the market of kitchen utensils and tableware. The correct placement of equipment and furniture can turn your small, but cozy kitchen in a highly technologically developed kitchen with minimal costs. This requires top cabinets of various sizes and configurations and built-in technological appliances: an oven, washing machine, freezer and so on.

Don’t forget that the distance between the hanging cabinets and the surface of the table should be about fifty centimeters. Often to increase the cooking zone, women use a wide windowsill as the carving of the table. If it is low, it may serve as an additional seat for guests. The interior design of the kitchen should combine external beauty with ease of use. Briefly, the design of the kitchen must always be focused on cooking and eating with pleasure. To achieve our goal, it is best to divide our kitchen into zones. Most of the functions are imposed on the working area, where there should be a place for the storage of products, their butchering and cooking.

Also the interior of the kitchen should include a dining area with dining table or bar counter, which are usually located near the windows to ensure natural illumination. And, of course, there has to be some room for free movement around the kitchen. Basics of Kitchen Interior Design The design of a kitchen provides several options for the layout of the furniture. The chosen variant depends largely on the size and shape of the premises, and also on the frequency of its use. Among the most popular ones we can point out the design of the kitchen with linear and angular layout, U-shaped layouts and an “island” type of layout. In the linear arrangement, the entire work area with built in equipment is located along one wall. This design of the kitchen is suitable for rooms with limited space, allowing you to have enough space for a dining table. Sometimes the kitchen is placed in two parallel lines, if one wall is not enough for all the equipment. Basics of Kitchen Interior Design For a spacious kitchen, use the U-shaped floor plan. In this case, the interior of the kitchen is arranged in such a way that all the equipment is located along three walls. Such an interior gives us a lot of useful area where the kitchen appliances can be placed in the best way. A similar amount of useful space can be reached with the design of the kitchen in an island type. Here, a part of the working area is located in the center of the room. Usually, it includes a stove and a sink and is intended directly for cooking, as it is easy to move around such an “island”. Basics of Kitchen Interior Design Regardless of the types, kitchen interior designs should first of all provide convenience. All the cupboards and shelves should be easily accessible, so you did not have to reach out or, on the contrary, bend too much to get what you want. Ideally, all things must be at an arm’s length.

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