Bar Counters As Multifunctional Must-Haves

If you want a quick snack one or two, there is no reason to set a whole dining table. Bar counter or a breakfast bar, located right in the kitchen near the stove and the refrigerator area, is separated from the kitchen, a bar counter becomes almost a necessity in the kitchen as it has multiple functions

However, these aren’t the only roles of bar counters in an interior – bar counter gives you the chance not for a quick meal on the run, but a proper one sitting on a chair. Let’s tave a look at the different types and purposes, which make the bar counter a must-have.

Types of Bar Counters and Ways of Using Them

1. Island bar

This is a solution for very spacious kitchens. On the “island”, the stove or the sink or both are placed. Usually, only one side of such a counter is approached (the “working” side), so the other side is empty. People have found out how to use it: they gave the island an additional feature a of a breakfast bar. In order to make it convenient to sit at the island, two levels are made, and one of them is used for the breakfast bar.

Bar Counters As Multifunctional Must-Haves

2. Bar counter as an element of kitchen furniture

If you have enough space, then extend the cooking surface securing it on a carrier. The carrier pipe and the cover-eaves are fixed for glasses, fruit bowls and vases etc. A bar counter may be an extension of the kitchen furniture without the carrier pipe: a narrow table top, perpendicular to the kitchen furniture. It is a good solution for those cases, when you want to install kitchen in a U- or L-shaped form and do not want load the free space with a large dining table.

Bar Counters As Multifunctional Must-Haves

3. Wall bar

Usually it is a long narrow tabletop, mounted to the wall or placed close to the wall. The table-top can have one or two legs or not have them at all.

A narrow wall bar is a practical solution for very small, narrow kitchens. Lack of table in the kitchen significantly unloads it, allowing to place on a very small space the necessary equipment and the necessary number of pedestals with drawers and cabinets. Due to the rack, the kitchen will be a place to have a snack or drink a cup of tea with a friend.

If there’s a small child in the house, buy a folding table set, which can be easily and quickly removed after the meal in the closet or on the balcony.

The role of the breakfast bar in the interior of the kitchen can be played by a windowsill-top: just imagine how nice it would be sitting on the stool and drinking your morning coffee, watching the sun rise.

Bar Counters As Multifunctional Must-Haves

Bar Counters As Multifunctional Must-Haves

4. Bar counter as a partition

Usually a bar divides the area of the kitchen and living room in studios. It can also be used to separate the kitchen and the dining room in large places.

Bar Counters As Multifunctional Must-Haves

5. An actual bar in the living room

We finally got to the place where we’ll examine the bar counter as an actual bar in (usually) living rooms.

There are fans of good liquor, which would be delighted to have a bar and bar stools in their living room. Such a decision is suitable for those who like to have parties in their homes. Bar counters in the living room can be stationary, made from plywood or drywall, decorated with one of the suitable materials and covered with a table-top.

Bar Counters As Multifunctional Must-Haves

Racks may be done as a piece of furniture. Not all of the furniture factories and shops make them for sale, but you can always make a personal order. For the classic living room it is better to order a rack out of a tree or in imitation tree, and for the modern interior, you can choose white, black or beige bar counters.


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