9 Elements of Spa-Like Bathroom

Bathroom SpaWe are used to underestimate a significance of bathroom, however we spend a lot of time in this part of our home. It is a place where we get ready for the coming day and refresh by the end of it. Most of us think that above all your bathroom should functional, but why not to endue it with a character. We prepared nine tips that will help you to make you bathroom look and feel like a real spa.

How to Create a Spa Bath

Get rid of a clutter

Mess distracts from relaxation, so ensure everything has its own place. Consider using a special cupboard or a roomy basket where you can store all of your belongings. Glass jars are perfect for keeping cotton balls, hairpins, bars of soap, etc.

Bathroom Spa


Despite the fact whether the candles are lit or simply carry aesthetic purpose, a spa-like bathroom cannot make it without at least a couple of candles. Consider placing pillars, tealight candles and votives candles along the perimeter of your bathroom.


Textile is also a great way to bring a real spa feel into your bathroom. It allows creating a warming ambiance in a room and adding a spa-like vibe. Simply hang a tapestry or a small rug with ethnical vibe to the wall to enhance the overall interior of your bathroom. Don’t forget about covering a floor with rugs.

Bathroom Spa

High-quality Towels

There is one thing that is worth of splurging – towels. The way the towels look does really depend on the price you paid for them, so don’t try to save on them. Opt for organic, fluffy towels or simply buy Turkish ones.

Storing of Towels

If you already purchased some high quality towels, it is time to think about displaying them the best way. Roll your towels just like in a real spa and place them somewhere by the tube and sink. You can store them in baskets or on the edge of your tub.

Bathroom Spa


You have probably noticed that spa is always filled with nice aroma, so don’t underestimate this element in your spa-like bathroom. Get some natural oils with a nice scent, which could be used in diffusers or added to the water. Consider the popular aroma oils like lavender, rose, vanilla and sandalwood.

Chic Hardware

In case a spa-like bathroom is what you are really striving for, make sure to provide it with a nice-looking hardware like a luxurious combination facet and a dual-head shower head. These changes may not be noticeable at first, but they can make your room look totally different. Don’t forget about heated floors and towel bars that will make your stay in a bathroom even more enjoyable.

Bathroom Spa


Just like with any other room, lighting is an essential element of any room. Opt for lamps with a softer light, which could double as aesthetic element of décor. Going for a luxurious crystal chandelier with a vintage feel can make your bathroom appear totally different.


Want to vivify interior of your bathroom? Simply add fresh flowers and plants. Place them in transparent glass jars, containers, decorated vases or vessels with a minimalistic design and locate them by the sink, tub or on a window sill. Consider opting for plants like Asian bamboo and orchids that are often used in bathroom design.

Bathroom Spa

Spa Bath

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