Red in Interior Design

We start a new column dedicated to various colors. We will write about designs made in a particular colour of the rainbow. A new day – a new colour. The articles will include tips, do’s and dont’s, combinations with other colours and examples of successful implementation of sticking to one colour. Today we will examine the first colour of the rainbow – red.

How to Use Red in Home Interior Design

Tradionally, the red colour is associated with energy, fire and passion and all sorts of bright emotions. Needless to say, it is often the choice of men. Red always attracts attention, whether it’s a little headband or a sexy dress. So why not use this colour’s power in our interior?

Due to the strong energy of red, it is necessary to use it with caution. The main rule is to combine red elements with other suitable colours, that is, not to make the room completely red (only if it is needed for some sort of theme for the place).

Red in Interior Design

It is not desirable to use red in your bedroom, since bedrooms are designed to be the place for relaxation and sleep, and it will be quite hard to do so with such a “loud” and “screaming” colour in it. However, tiny elements such as a red bedside lamp or a red pillow can make that warm mood so necessary to fall asleep.

Red Bedroom

Combination of red and white looks very bright, welcoming and stylish. For example, it will look great if you paint one or two walls red, and the rest – white, or put furniture in red and white. This sort of combination visually enlarges the place.

Red in Interior Design

To make a bold statement in your place, you can mix red with other bright colours, like blue. Having blue walls and a red door will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. On the other hand, such dramatic colours can very soon bore or even irritate you, so weight all the pros and cons before making a decision.

Red and Blue in Interior Design

Red, in pair with brown or beige adds some warmness to the room. This duo is more suitable to little houses/apartments with little rooms with a lot of furniture, pillows, and books and so on. Also, it is a great choice for country houses, as it makes the right atmosphere for relaxing and spending time with your family.

Red and Brown in Interior Design

If your apartment has a grey high-tech design and you want to enliven it up, red is just the right colour. It will give a really modern and contemporary look. The perfect choice will be just adding some red things to your room (a red sofa, bookshelf, chair etc), to not break the initial design.

Red and Grey in Interior Design

Obviously, red is not the preferred colour for the shy and modest ones. However, many psychologists say that by adding something red even to your daily outfit can boost your confidence. Most of you have probably noticed that women in red dresses and men in red neckties or shirts look very attractive and confident. If you’re not ready to make yourself stand out, start by adding little elements of decor to your house, or at least room. A red pillow, chair, vase is a nice start.

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