6 Interior Design Trends That Will Keep Rocking the World in 2015!

Do you know that major home improvement projects were predicted double-percentage gains in the 1st half of 2014 year? Yes, a global interior design industry is expected to gain momentum rapidly. Definitely, we are not only doing more repairs, but remodeling our homes like mad.

Nowadays, most people enjoy spending their money on either necessary or trendy cosmetic enhancements. The remodelers, as well as interior designers, say that today’s clients have increased the scope of personal requests: they tend to do full renovations of their flats and houses, from start to finish.

Let the Homeowners Choose:

3 Strategic Improvements & 6 Hottest Projects

3 Strategic Improvements 6 Hottest Projects

These are

  • boosted functionality,
  • increased efficiency,
  • taken advantage of existing space.

In a word, you name it, they have got it – here are the hottest projects of the outgoing year:

Customize My Home!

Customize My Home

Almost every homeowner is result-oriented these days: only targeted improvements. Modern flats and houses tend to be a perfect fit, either for a family size or its lifestyle. The living spaces are customized with individual remodeling, in order to suit all the needs and wants. Each room should be used! – with this and that in mind, all of us hurry up to turn the unused rooms into our dens & offices, as well as children’s play & hobby rooms.

Open up My Kitchen!

Open up My Kitchen

Every 5th homeowner wants to remove a wall between the kitchen & adjoining room, so as to create more space, dramatically change the home look & feel, make this room a central part. This is the hot trend of 2013 & 2014 for 3 obvious reasons:

  • smaller homes may seem larger;
  • modern kitchens are used as a space for eating & cooking, schoolwork & socializing;
  • room-to-room flows are to be an appealing concept.

Install Hardwood Flooring!

Install Hardwood Flooring

You probably won’t believe but the tiles on the floor are fading out and becoming a thing of the past (except bathrooms, of course). If this is one big room, the family opts for some continuity: from the wooden wall to the wooden flooring. Durability and coziness – timeless and never out of style – are guaranteed.

Separate My Shower & Tub!


Separate My Shower and Tub

The shower-tub combo doesn’t reign supreme anymore, as the latest trend is to separate the tub from the shower. Awesome stand-up & walk-in showers with glass doors are extremely popular now.

Mix the Old & New Concepts!

Mix the Old and New Concepts

Such a match of contemporary products with all those older styles, designs & materials ran, run & will run the interior world. In today’s trendy homes, a glamorous, hi-tech kitchen may coexist with an inviting farmhouse living-room. There is an eclectic mix of newer furniture & vintage pieces – all is custom made to personalize one’s living space.

·        Go Green!

green interiorish

Green home improvement is still in trend, speaking of efficiency A-Z, from energy-saving LED lighting to automatic shower heads. This is really affordable, except being smart in general. Due to low-cost technological advancements, homeowners now enjoy not only interior & exterior green lighting, but efficient (e.g. fiberglass) windows & doors, reupholstered furniture, as well. Today, we have become environmentally-conscious – a throw-away society is not trendy yet.

What to Expect in 2015?

interior in 2015

Though the 2015 year has just started, a new-fashioned interior design strategy is taking its form. So, what to expect?

  • Luxurious comfort & original beauty
  • Merging of global cultures
  • Ethnic prints
  • Fiber-art & floral Influence
  • Romantic, natural landscapes
  • Solid geometric & practical industrial designs
  • Original beauty, traditional materials & checked fabrics (raw woods, linen cloths, burlap ropes, simple moods, etc.)
  • New-generation features (copper & galvanized steel; innovative colors; environmentally-friendly decoration)

A Final Word

With countless examples in mind, it’s widely accepted the changing environment will greatly influence our home remodeling, decoration, design. Harmonized homes – calm, confident, abundant & personalized – will embrace the future in the next few years. And we all simply love this!

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