12 Creative and Colorful DIY Ideas for Kids’ Spaces

Today you have an opportunity to design and decorate your kids’ space according to their temper, hobby, habits etc. All you need are few basic appliances, free time, your creativity and imagination to create a splendid piece of artwork.

1. Safe harbor – it can be some cozy niche under the stairs, two-storey bed, tent or tepee, where your child can make fort, restaurant, read books, invite friends. It plays important part in private space settlement.Safe harbor


2. Active zone – it can be either classical variant with various sport equipment (ladder, rings, rope) or even hammock or swing.

Active zone

3. Storage – more colorful boxes, drawers, shelves to store toys, books, dolls. It’s also an additional play area and perfect solution for your cleaning and managing. It’ll never be enough for space to play or for toys to play with. The room will look more organized and neat, as far as it can be.



4. Blank space to create – drawing paper, map paper, different boards on the door, table or wall. Another variant is painting with your hands or fingers – much fun for a whole family.

5. Easy to learn – it’s all about the information. It can be informative but vivid and interesting numbers and foreign words, quotes, animals and birds, maps, even road traffic rules.

map wallpaper

6. Wire usage – wire signs, names, rules or just nice words or quotes. You can use any old flexible wire, cable and it’s a nice alternative to wooden or plastic letters on the wall.

wire signs names rules

7. Soft textures – your child need to have positive associations with his room. He must love it in color, light, smell, texture, furniture and fittings. Remember, it’s his room, his private space so try to please him.

8. Tiny table and chairs or sofa – it’s so great to invite friends and have little tea party.  It’ll be a perfect chance to make friends and have birthday parties.

Soft textures and tiny table


9. Poufs, bean bags, padded stools or just big ball with handles – it’s perfect decision without sharp angles, not high, soft and spongy. They can be just colorful, made of different parts or completing the design, reminding rock, car, hedgehog, fish, rabbit, mushroom etc

Poufs, bean bags, padded stools

10. Mind about the colors – kids’ space can have several bright spots on neutral background. The color of walls and furniture must not be overloaded as toys and other decorative elements and filling will do.

lego style kids room

11. Nature – it concerns not only materials, furniture but also decorative elements. It can become a nice common hobby for you both. Leaves from your garden, shells from the sea, colorful stones from the beach.

12. Kids’ involvement – don’t forget to make something together. Handmade piece not only entertain you both but also make the kids’ space decoration more precious and individual.

kids hands


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