10 Ways of Using Mirrors in Interior Design

Almost everyone knows that mirrors can visually enlarge a room. We prepared useful tips on decorating your home with mirrors.

How to Use Mirrors in Interior Design

Mirrors as Decorative Windows

Just like windows, mirrors add light and depth to the room interior, so feel free to use them as decorative windows that could be installed in any place you wish. Keep in mind that mirrors have a unique ability both to reflect and accentuate hues and views from neighboring walls and thus create striking effect.

Dining Room Mirrors

Mirrors as Focal Point

Mirror can become a perfect focal point of any room. It shouldn’t necessarily be a big wall mirror, even a small mirror in bold framing can become a center of attention.

Living Room Mirror

Enlarging Space with Mirrors

Designers tend to use mirrors in small rooms since they are able to visually expand it. Just make sure it reflects nice views. Mirrors cannot only enlarge space, but also brighten it up and become an additional source of lighting.

Mirror Bathroom

Mirror as Statement Object

Large floor mirrors allow making a statement in a narrow room and bring a dramatic effect, which cannot be accomplished by other décor elements.

Dining Room Mirror

Mirrors as Art Objects

You will be surprised to find out that mirrors can serve as full-fledged art objects. Simply play with them and try to hang a group of mirrors on a certain wall. Ensure the mirrors are proportional to each other and to the wall: don’t try to hang a multitude of small mirrors on a big wall.

Mirrors Living Room

Mirror as Décor Element

Besides carrying a reflective function, mirrors make up perfect décor elements. A large mirror in a striking frame can instantly boost an interior of your room.


Mirrors in Entryway

Actually mirrors are versatile objects, which could be used in any room, but designers prefer to place them in entryway area. Entryways, dining rooms and other areas that deprive of natural light are perfect for installing mirrors. When complemented with candles, art objects and original lighting, they allow creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance.

Mirror Entryway

Garden Views in Mirror

Want to bring outdoors indoor? Simply place a wall-sized floor mirror opposite to the windows or glass doors that lead to a garden.

Living Room Mirror

Mirror for Romantic Atmosphere

Every woman dreams of having a full length mirrorin for dressinga bedroom. However it can not only help you inspect yourself, but also create a truly romantic and magical atmosphere.

Bedroom Mirror

Mirror in Dining Room

The most appropriate place for mirrors still remain dining rooms, especially if it is performed in a classy style.

Dining Room Mirror

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