10 Eternal Pieces of Furniture

While we all stream to get the most cheapest product possible, sometimes it’s best to buy quality goods, so that they can serve you for a lifetime and be something your grandchildren can take legitimate pride in. We deliver you a roundup of the 10 eternal furniture pieces that will serve you for a long time, thus try not to safe on them.

Furniture Pieces that Will Serve You Forever

The Sofa

A comfortable sofa is one of life’s necessities. Essential for snuggling down on a rainy day to watch a good film or relaxing on after a hard day’s work, it’s well worth investing in one that will stand the test of time. While leather sofas may seem expensive, they are in fact better value for money in the long run than their fabric counterparts, offering unrivaled style and durability.

The Dressing Table

There is something extremely luxurious about being able to afford the space to have a dressing table. Equally, they are very practical. Where else can you combine the beauty of having somewhere to sit and pamper yourself with the space to keep all those lotions and potions, plus drawers to store precious jewelery and delicate underwear?

10 Eternal Pieces of Furniture: Dressing Table

The Armchair

Traditionally being part of a three-piece combination, the armchair now stands as a piece of furniture in its own right and it has become a trend to choose one that doesn’t match your sofa, so bring an eclectic feel to your room. For an investment piece, however, go for something simple and elegant. Most people require three things in an armchair: comfort, style and the ability to use it in different schemes. Again, leather upholstery means it will last for a long time, while a modern yet classic design makes it suitable for any room setting, both contemporary and traditional.

The Bookcase

Whether your books live in your bedroom, office, dining or living room, a beautiful bookcase is essential for keeping them looking their best and can also make a fantastic display area for other objects. If you’re fed up with battling against flat-pack versions and ordinary shelves, then a good, firm and expensive bookcase is the thing for you.

The Dining Table

No matter the occasion – cozy meals, festive celebrations or somewhere for the children to do their homework – the dining table is undoubtedly the center of attention of most homes. Sturdy, attractive and practical are the key words when choosing a good dining table. An extensible table, crafted from solid oak will be ageless and can also fit in different room sizes.

The Chest Of Drawers

This is an essential piece of bedroom kit, but frail and cheap models will soon make you wonder why you bothered, so don’t be greedy and spend some cash for something a little more expensive instead. A hardwood chest of drawers is a great investment. When choosing a chest that you would like to serve you for a long time, look for one that has different drawer configurations. A close to ideal chest of drawers should have two smaller top drawers (perfect for underwear) and three large drawers for some bulky items.

10 Eternal Pieces of Furniture:Chest of Drawers

The Bed

We spend almost a third of our lives in bed and while much is made of how important is that we change our mattresses regularly, little attention is paid to bedsteads. They are in fact equally important, since a cheap bedstead will serve you a couple of years, but it’s better to invest. A quality bedstead will afford you restful nights for years to come.

The Dresser

Dressers are perfect for storing crockery and displaying precious china collections or family photos. A good dresser should be sturdy and able to withstand daily usage. Equally suitable in kitchens and dining rooms, choose models that have plenty of storage options including shelves for the items you want to show and drawers or cupboards for the ones that you don’t. It is really important not to save money on a dresser, since you will spend much more money on a new collection, when the old one will have broken because the cheap dresser will simply fall.

10 Eternal Pieces of Furniture: Dresser

The Dining Chair

It’s good having a stylish and quality dining table, but useless if you don’t have suitable dining chairs. Just like an armchair, a dining chair should be comfortable and able to look good in different interiors. Be sure to choose models with a soft seating, since you would want those chairs to bring joy and delight also.

The Sideboard

Sideboards are a great addition to a dining room, since they can provide maximum storage for crockery, cutlery and table linen, not to mention display space on top for vases with flowers, family photographs or some little souvenirs.

10 Eternal Pieces of Furniture: Sideboard

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